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Skincare Routine Essentials Post-Procedure


Skincare Routine Essentials Post-Procedure

  •    A. Face cleanser
  •    B. Soothing serum
  •    C. Facial mask
  •    D. Sunscreen
  •    E. Vitamin C serum

Professional, office-based procedures are a highly effective way to improve the appearance of myriad skin concerns and achieve healthy-looking skin, and the products you use at home both before and afterwards can make a significant difference in your ultimate results. To ensure optimal results post-procedure, it’s imperative to use mild, gentle products that promote healing rather than causing additional skin irritation. Your SkinCeuticals skincare professional can recommend the ideal post-procedure skincare regimen based on the treatments you decide to undergo, these are the most mild and gentle essentials to have on hand before heading to the med-spa or doctor’s office.

A. Face cleanser

Although you may not be wearing full glam post-procedure, you still need a gentle yet effective face cleanser that clears the skin of dirt, debris, and product buildup without additional skin irritation. Our Soothing Cleanser is a non-comedogenic, foam-based formulation that thoroughly removes impurities as it comforts sensitive, compromised, post-procedure skin. Free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and soap as well as synthetic fragrances and dyes, this face cleanser is the ideal complement to professional treatments like chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), non-ablative lasers, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and injectables (including dermal fillers and neurotoxins).

B. Soothing serum

When post-procedure skin irritation can be soothed with a gentle, calming serum to help the skin look and feel better. The ideal soothing serum should deliver moisture and help restore the skin’s barrier after professional treatments while reducing visible signs of skin irritation like redness. Our Phyto Corrective Gel is a soothing gel serum that features hydrating hyaluronic acid along with calming botanicals like cucumber, thyme, and olive leaf to help soothe the side effects of office-based procedures while being easy on the skin.

C. Facial mask

Visual redness and the sensation of heat or discomfort are often temporary side effects of professional treatments. Soothe skin with a comforting face mask! A post-procedure face mask can help alleviate everything from redness to skin irritation. Our Phyto Corrective Masque is a gel mask formulated with a high concentration of soothing botanicals (including cucumber, thyme, and olive extracts), a calming dipeptide, and hydrating hyaluronic acid to help the skin heal and get back on track. Designed to provide a cooling sensation on contact, this mask quells skin sensitivity, restores radiance, and has been clinically proven to reduce visible post-procedure redness and discomfort, especially after non-ablative laser treatments—and it can be applied as needed (with the green light from your SkinCeuticals skincare professional).

D. Sunscreen

We can guarantee that this step will probably never change. The need for sun protection after any professional treatment can’t be over-emphasized, and a mineral sunscreen with SPF 50 is essential to protect the skin and promote optimal healing. Opt for a SkinCeuticals mineral sunscreen, as all of our options are perfectly suitable for post-procedure use and offer a high level of broad-spectrum UV protection—and our tinted formulas can provide a touch of natural-looking coverage that can help conceal the appearance of redness and skin irritation instantly.

E. Vitamin C serum

And finally, one of our hero skincare ingredients has entered the chat: vitamin c. Implementing a high quality vitamin C serum post-procedure provides skin with antioxidant protection that helps prevent environmentally-induced skin damage and using a properly-formulated product can also help enhance the results achieved with fractional ablative laser treatments without additional skin irritation. Research has shown that applying the Vitamin C serum C E Ferulic® after laser resurfacing both immediately after treatment and on an ongoing basis helps further reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone while preventing further environmental damage. Consider it insurance for the investment you’re making in the health and appearance of your skin!

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