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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Get the benefits of adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine.


Hyaluronic Acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by your body that is excellent at retaining moisture. It’s found throughout your body and helps to lubricate joints, make skin flexible, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and heal wounds by drawing nutrient-rich moisture to the area. Hyaluronic acid for the skin helps to restore moisture that has been lost as natural hyaluronic acid levels decrease through the aging process and other environmental factors by drawing water from the air around you and below your skin to hydrate the superficial tissue. Properly hydrated skin reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and soothes sensitive skin.
Using acid on the skin can bring thoughts of burning. However, hyaluronic acid is not an exfoliating acid like glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acids and won’t create a burning sensation on application.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

Improves skin hydration
Helps skin feel more smooths
Increases the skin’s flexibility and durability
Supports healthy cell function

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